Gleniti Golf Newsletter
Health and Safety

Driving Range

When people are using the driving range they are required to stop and allow golfers on the course to play their ball.

Please make sure that you are seen by those using the range prior to walking into the landing zone.

Club Positions

There is a new club secretary. Martyn Bennett has taken on the role and is trying to get up to speed with all the things
that one is expected to do. If you have an interest in helping in anyway please talk to one of the committee members as
there are a number of roles that the club is looking to bring in new people.

Use of carts (motorised)

Please be aware that there are expected routes of travel for carts to avoid some of the steeper and potential danger areas
for the carts and their occupants. Also as we experience winter conditions with wetter areas these should be avoided to
help keep the course in a good condition.


We are always looking for opportunities to raise funds to support the many of costs incurred in maintaining a golf
course. If you have any suggestions please share them with a committee member.

Congratulations to the ladies committee for a very successful mah-jong tournament.

Also another successful cheese roll roll up. Well done to all involved and thank you for making the time.
The hedge adjacent to the 6th tee is under treat due to its proximity to the power lines above and the requirements of
Alpine Energy. Costings for options are being undertaken.

The new protection beside 11th tee box