Short for 4 so no need to length here, hybrid or 3 wood for accuracy and a short iron to green. The green is very slopey from right to left. 2 putts are good here


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   White   4 16 293
   Yellow   4 6 289
   Yellow   4 7 289


Henry knew that most people wanted to enjoy and savour their tipple but often felt overwhelmed by the wordy, confusing jargon too many of the industry bigwigs used. Henry visualised himself bantering with suppliers and negotiating deals, and sharing his enthusiasm, and knowledge with his customers in a no-nonsense, down to earth fashion. He would respect the intellect of his customers, and help them to have enough knowledge to enjoy their BWS journey without requiring a degree! It felt awesome.

The name? Well, this was his story and he wanted the business to reflect his down to earth approach.

So, henry's it was.