Local Rules

Out of Bounds

As defined by (i) boundary fences and white stakes, and (ii) the main/lower carpark.


Trees identified by stakes and/or tyres. If such a tree interferes with stance or area of intended swing, the ball must be lifted, without penalty and dropped in accordance with the procedure prescrived in Rule 24-2b (Immovable Obstruction). Exception to Rule 24-2b applies.

Water Hazards

All ponds are lateral water hazards defined by red stakes. However, when playing Gleniti (No. 4) from the lower white tee, the pond is deemed to be a water hazard.

Integral Part of the Course

The logs surrounding the Otiritiri (No.17) pond are deemed to be an integral part of the course.

Overhead Power Lines

If a ball strikes the power lines crossing the fairways of Benvenue (No.10) and Otiritiri (No.17), the stoke must be cancelled, and another ball played from as near as possible to the spot from where the original ball was played without penalty.


All pathways on the course, including exit and entry ways on No.16, drains through the No.14 and No.15 holes, and the shingle drains between holes No.1 and No.9.


If your ball crosses out of bounds but lies on another part of the course, it is deemed to be out of bounds.

Distance Measuring Devices

An approved device that measures distance can be used in any competition run by Gleniti Golf Club.

Motorised Carts

Motorised carts can be used in any competition organised by Gleniti Golf Club.

Clubhouse and Surrounding Area

This area includes the driveway, fence and carpark behind the clubhouse. Refer to rules of Golf 24-2B.

Rabbit Holes/Scratchings

Refer to rules of Golf 25-2B.

Embedded Ball

Through the green - lift, clean, drop, no penalty.