Update for Wednesday May 6

Dear Member

At last we can see some light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully we continue to move through the levels and get back to a new normal ASAP.

The course looks stunning. And there have been a lot of compliments passed on. We must be very grateful to Todd & James for the work they are doing to maintain the course.

We have welcomed a number of NEW members at various levels. Which is very heartening.

Times are going to be very tough for many people coming out of this. I think it is a very good time to think of our very loyal sponsors and support their businesses.

There was a lot of work went into getting the course open and I would like to recognize Glenda Frew & Russell Paul for the work around helping players booking in. Glenda has done a lot of work in setting up our Casuals so they can book in using the Dotgolf system.

Blue Cook and Graeme Sargent helped Peter Bryce and myself before opening to try and make sure things were right around Clubhouse and the Course. Securing common touch areas like rubbish bins and seats etc.

To Maurie Niles, Raelene Cowles, Sue Esler and Glenda Frew for checking in the players as they come up to tee off. You Legends.

There has been a number of issues since opening. Some are innocent mistakes. Some are from not receiving or checking emails. Some are from not reading emails fully. And also not following Local Rules attached to the Whiteboard outside the Pro Shop. And unfortunately some are from blatant disregard for Local Rules set by the Sub Committee that was set up to work through the guidelines. It is your right to have a view. But it is not your right to disobey rules set for our Club. There were 20 Guidelines set by NZ Golf and we set Gleniti’s Local Rules around these.

Sanitizing of COMMON touch points is something everyone should be adhering to.

The checkers have volunteered their time to be up there and what they say must be adhered to. If you have not booked in then you must leave and come back when you have. It is not fair to argue with the checkers.

The majority of you have done a fantastic job in complying. And I am grateful to you for doing this. However I am disappointed with some who I believe should know better. I did consider shutting the course again till Level 2 but realised this would not be fair to all the people that have complied. Obviously things will change again if and when we move to level 2. Until then happy golfing in your bubbles.


Jimmy Welsh


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