News from meeting


Booking system

The management committee had a meeting on Tuesday. Among the matters for discussion was the controversy around the booking system. It was discussed at great length but a motion was proposed that having discussed it, the committee couldn’t see a compelling reason to overturn the match committee's decision. The vote was 9 for, 1 against and 1 abstention.


It is hoped that members can understand that the main committee needs to back the match committee in their decisions and trust that members will try to embrace the new system. There are many starters times incorporated now so members can decide at last minute if they can come to golf and remember Peter Hayes is there all week and can also take bookings if members are unsure how to use the app or the Gleniti Golf website


Cheese rolls

Yes it’s that time again and thanks to Heather and her crew for organising this most worthwhile fundraiser for our club. Please can everyone get their total numbers (not the whole order) to her by this Sunday so that she can place the order for cheese. The mixes will be done on Friday 31st July and the big day is Sunday 2nd August when hopefully it will be all hands on deck to get the orders made


Tree Committee

Is there anyone in the club with knowledge of trees who would be prepared to help out with this? The committee are mindful that lately there have been a few trees removed and they need to be replaced. Contact Jimmy, Debbie or Kath Galwey


Cart Shed

Members may have heard discussion about this. Options are being explored but they are dependent on the availability of a grant to help with this.



A new greens mower is being purchased sooner rather than later as a very good deal has come up. Careful planning is needed for machinery replacement and repair as we come to the close of our first year as employers with machinery instead of using contractors. Thanks to Jenny Austin who has volunteered to take over our payroll which will save a lot of money each month.

That's all the news for now - more next month


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