Message from the President
Play under Level 3
The guidelines are the same as last year.
PLEASE follow the Commiittee's decisions.
Course is CLOSED until 10am if there is a FROST. Cancel and re book if necessary.
You must only play with people from within YOUR BUBBLE. No exceptions.
The booking system MUST be used. All Casuals will have to ring Glenda Frew 0212851498 and she will book you in to play. NO WALK UPS.
All players must start from #1.
No green fee players please.
All practice areas are shut. ie Practice Greens, Practice Nets and the area on the right side of #9.
Motorised carts can be used. But maintain your position in the 'field'. No overtaking the people or person in front of You. SANITISE your hands before operating keypad and handles to access shed. Same applies for the trundler lockups.
Bring your own sanitiser please.
All toilets are shut.
No congregating anywhere on Club property. Come play golf and go home.
Stay safe and maintain social distancing of at least 2m.
Please do not give me a reason to SHUT the course.
Kind Regards
Jimmy Welsh
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