COVID-19 Protection Framework - 28 November 2021 Update
On 2 December 2021 at 11:59pm, all of New Zealand will move to the framework.
Auckland will move to Red. Settings for the rest of New Zealand are yet to be decided on.

Golf New Zealand has received what Sport NZ is calling high level ‘at a glance’ guidance
with detailed sector guidance to follow soon. We have uploaded guidance outlining what
we know to date.

Our number one priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of all golfers and the wider
community and interpreting Government guidance accurately is a critical part of that.
We appreciate your patience as we continue to advocate for, and interpret all guidance
we receive from the Government. We will continue to update as we receive more information.

Golf can be played at RED, ORANGE and GREEN by vaccinated and unvaccinated players.
However,  capacity limits and restrictions may apply.



a) Separate guidance is being prepared for Events. The definition for this is still being confirmed.
However, from what we know to date, Events will include ticketed sports events or major
competitions at a stadium with controlled entry and a focus on spectators.
b) As we know no region will be moving to GREEN, we have outlined the guidance for RED and
ORANGE only at this time.
c) For all settings, we are seeking further clarification on matters such as shared facilities
e.g. on course toilets.

Please note: This advice may be updated after further consultation with government.